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Seven Deadly Sins(:

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Missing It


I don’t keep my phone on loud and with me at all times just because; I keep it on loud and with me at all times because I’m afraid the one time I don’t have it with me you’ll text or call and I won’t get to it before you change your mind.



Still, when we stand near each other, I can feel my body yield to yours.

Forced Apart


Our time may have been short, but we lived it fully. Because of that, every night when I’m lying in bed, I think of those days and how we were—forced apart by the same universe that tied us together.

Getting Over


I just can’t get over how you got over me, when I just can’t get over you.

French Songs


I loved when you would sing me French songs.

Burt’s Been


Whenever I put on Burt’s Bees it tastes like your lips and I desperately want to make out with you.

Just Don’t Wanna


It’s not that I can’t let you go, I just don’t want to. 



When I see you from a distance, I squish your head between my thumb and forefinger.